Displaced Families in Kabul

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This is how life is for so many displaced families in Kabul. This family was discovered and added to our list for immediate assistance. As you will see in this video life is extremely hard for this family. Winter already arrived and this family has no proper shelter, and living condition to stay warm or even survive. This poor family was on our list for receiving winter aid supplies but as you will see in this video they don’t even have an adequate home to live and use what we give them to stay warm. They live in a tent that is leaking and extremly dangerous in this winter. Our team is in the process of finding them a place to live first. We are also looking into starting a business for them so they can start having income and be self-sufficient. In the meantime, we need your support to pay for their rent until we help them be on their own. This family is in need of immediate help. Sponsorship include: 🔸Monthly Food supplies 🔸Rent Please let us know if you want to help this family. We appreciate your generosity to help this family out of this condition and build a future for them.

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