Many families in Afghanistan go month-to-month without access to food or shelter.  We strive to deliver theses basic necessities to those who need it the most.

Our Team

Sofia Monawer 

Founder, President, and Executive Director

Sofia Monawer is the Founder, President, and Executive Director of Komak Rassan (KR).  Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, she was inspired by her father’s philanthropic spirit to help those most in need.  She studied Electrical Engineering at George Mason University and works in the information technology industry.

Abdullah Monawer 

Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors

With a background in accounting and non-profit advisory, Abdullah Monawer is an accountant and manager with over 20 years experience in both the private and public sectors. 

Mariam Kakar 

Member of the Board of Directors

Mariam Kakar is an accomplished elementary school teacher with a specialization in special needs education.  Mariam is a longstanding active member of the Afghan-American philanthropic community. 

Fahim Mojaddidi 

Board of Director – Director of Community Outreach

Fahim Mojaddidi is an entrepreneur who has been involved in many humanitarian projects aiding the poor in Afghanistan. 

Parween Towfique 

Secretary, Board of Director

Parween Towfique has worked as a community advocate, domestic violence resources specialist, and a human resource  manager.  She graduated from the University of California with a Bachelor of Science in Peace and Conflict Studies.   

Mohammad Alias Mommand 

Afghanistan Project Coordinator

Mohammad Alias Mommand assesses the eligibility of the families that receive aid from Komak Rassan. He manages and implements all the Komak Rassan (KR) projects in Afghanistan. He studied Agriculture at Nangarhar University.